01 February 2011

Faster Than a Speeding Yaris

I mentioned my Saturday neighborhood bicycle adventure in this space yesterday. What I didn't mention is just how much fun it is to be faster than cars.


Well, the distance from Jefferson High School to Chris Madrids Hamburgers is about 2 1/2 miles. I rode my hipster, single speed bike and Stef drove our (hipster, single speed) Toyota Yaris. And I beat her there. I puffed up a bit, seeing as how I would probably join the Tour de France after this incredible display of cycling prowess, but I left it at that.

Besides, I was pretty sure that she just couldn't get Bella buckled in the car seat or something and that gave me the victory.

Then, something magical happened after lunch.

I beat her home. I beat her home, locked my bike up in the shed, and came out to greet her as she pulled up.

Boom. Truth bomb. So, in theory, it would be faster for the people in the picture above to hook the Yaris to the back of the bicycle and let it do the pulling.

Well, maybe that is taking it a bit too far, but...

...I'll see about looking into that Tour de France thing after all.


  1. I'm guessing you didn't take the same route.

  2. January 12 - Feb 1 = 21 days

    I figured it would take around three weeks for the elitism to start... bingo. ;-)

    It's OK to take pride in your riding... You'll start thinking up good comebacks to people like "Oh, it took you 3,000 lbs of machinery, 5 upholstered seats, and a half gallon of gas just to go rent a movie? I ate a Snickers bar and it fueled me for 30 miles."

    I think you should get one of these stickers to put on your yuppie helmet: http://www.zeropergallon.com/products-page/53-miles-per-burrito/