19 January 2011

Lusting Over Steak and Feeling Guilty

Ever find yourself yearning for really good things? Or super-indulgent things?

I don't know about you, but it feels ugly to me, but I don't know if it is Godly guilt or just my own insecurity that surfaces these feelings. God is not defamed by a steak anymore than he is glorified by a bowl of cereal and yet there are costs involved and unspoken priorities pushed forward as we seek "the best" for ourselves while allowing others to suffer around the world.
Just a minute ago, I was on the website for Fogo de Chao. More specifically, I was on their meats page, which absolutely made my mouth water. I just finished my bowl of Frosted Flakes (they were grrrrrreat!) from lunch and the thought of a sizzling steak was almost overwhelming. I scrolled through the different meats, lusting after each cut and imagining the flavors.

Stupid, right?
I have the $39.95 it would cost to go and see that it can't possibly be worth all of the mental energy. I don't NEED to go into a meat-coma in order to satisfy my hunger.

So why do I yearn? Why do I want?

God created all of the good things on this earth, including fatty bovine creatures that we hack up, season with minerals from the ground (or ocean - sea salt?) and cook over open flames.

Maybe one day I'll eat at Fogo. Maybe on a gift card or by winning a contest. And maybe I can learn that living simply is great, making sacrifices is holy, and that enjoying good things and thanking the Father after every bite can be OK, too.
Can't it?

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  1. Kyle, I went with friends last Christmas. It was worth the $39.95 (which doesn't include drink or dessert). We dubbed the place 'The Meat Parade', because it was just one meat after another showing up at your table. If you are a salad bar enthusiast, this is the place to go for that. The salad bar is half the cost and very worth it. I agree, it is a treat kind of place to go and not a regular stop on my list..but you go once and you will be craving to go back. ;)