27 January 2011

Of Kryptonite Bicycle Locks and Protectivism

When it came time to get a bicycle lock, I opted for the mother of all locks. The Kryptonite New York chain lock.

It is huge, weighing in at 9 lbs. It has giant hexagonal links and a mini u-bolt that opens with a super-key.

Basically, I decided that I would not get my bicycle stolen.

It makes me wonder how protective we are in other areas of life. What are we willing to put into place to prevent breakdowns in other areas? How much would you sacrifice (or lug around) to make sure your marriage or kids would be protected? What would you endure to ensure purity in areas that are difficult for you? What safeguards could be used to make sure your faith would not be compromised where it is most vulnerable?

I carry a 9 lb lock around 78201, assuming that there are plenty of dudes with bolt cutters and bad intentions. Nothing short of a Scud missile is getting my bike off the rail or light pole to which it's been chained to with my Kryptonite.

What if we assumed we lived in a world with bad intentions? What is your Kryptonite?

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