11 January 2011

91: Lesson #2 - Beware the Headwind

As part of my goals for riding the VIA bus to work, I mentioned that I wanted to learn 91 lessons.

Before I even started the daily commute, I have learned two lessons. We'll tackle lesson #2 here.

I rounded the turn at Kampmann and West Magnolia gaining speed on my bicycle even as I raced up a slight incline. I felt light and nimble and ready to blast down the straightaway.

Then it hit me. A 15 mile-per-hour headwind, briskly punching me right in the face.


Not being an experienced cyclist, I was not ready for it at all. I had heard stories of devastating headwinds, but never had experienced the natural force for myself.

I doubled up my efforts and seemed to be moving in wet cement. I felt the energy draining from my legs as I pressed harder into the wind. Finally, I gave up and was content to slowly coast until I was able to better avoid the wind at the next turn.

Sounds like life. Everything is easy until it's not. And everything is simple when it's all under your control. When outside forces act against us, it is upon us to double our efforts or store up energy for lighter seasons. Only we know which decision makes sense in the moment, whether coasting for a time is good stewardship or laziness.

Beware the headwind. And be ready to respond.

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