08 January 2011

91: An Experiment

Starting this coming Monday, I'll be changing the way I commute.

Rather than hopping in my car and zipping off to work, I'll be climbing on a single-speed road bicycle, riding to the bus stop, boarding a VIA bus, riding 8 miles, then climbing off and finishing the last mile and a half back on the bicycle.

I am doing this for a lot of reasons and I plan to chronicle them here over time. I'll let this be my journal in case someone else wants to vicariously experiment with me. Moreover, I just don't want to forget.

The bus I will be riding is the 91, the Fredericksburg Skip. As a nod to that route, any posts related to any of this biking/busing experiment will be titled with "91", sort of like this one.

Some aspirations (goals-in-formation):

- I hope to learn 91 lessons. Maybe more.
- I hope to become the Pastor of the 91 bus. I can only live among the poor for so long without actually knowing them and the struggles they face. I am praying that my life will be messier because of this change.
- I hope to gain perspective and patience by being forced to wait and giving up some control in my day.
- I hope to get into shape, whatever that means.
- I hope to know God better. Not sure how, but I think it's part of the equation.

Here goes something.

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  1. I want to be the first to call you skip and your rain gear is on me