06 December 2010

Hunger Strike? Stirring Old Thoughts Anew

In doing some sermon prep for the upcoming Sunday, my Pandora station stumbled across Temple of the Dog and the song "Hunger Strike".

It had been awhile, but the song hooked my brand new. Maybe it was partly some sort of sentimental journey to a more idealistic me, but the line that captured me was this:

"I can't feed on the powerless when my cup's already overfilled...."

The premise is that we're overfilled, awash in abundance ,and all sorts of rich. In light of this, who are we to break the backs of those around the world (either through exploitation or indifference) on whom we build our wealth?

And what is the difference between exploitation and indifference?

Active versus passive disobedience?

It's worth thinking about. Isn't it?

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