09 July 2010

Pitch: Africa - Soccer Pitch, Water Catchment System, Resevoir, Genius

Pure genius. Create a replicable community hub around a shared cultural experience that doubles as a water catchment system, filtration system, and (using abandoned shipping containers) reservoir. And while you're at it, make it seat 1000 people and let the real brilliance be that the grandstand creates shaded, covered areas for school classrooms, markets, and community gatherings.

Yes. Yes, indeed.

Want to see how it works? Click THIS LINK.

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  1. I'm not sure why, but this post drove my mind to need to know the scale of possible positive impact this concept could have. Is this a solution for rural or even quasi-urban water deficits or a "green" way to derive trace positive value out of a social enterprise? I did some math...

    Johannesburg gets an average of 28" of rainfall a year. If this soccer field was built to optimum regulation size (120 yd x 80 yd)...then the old physics laws would say the maximum water volume captured (assuming no evaporation, elimination or runoff) would be roughly 1,290,816 gallons. Africans are used to water as a scarcity, so with the average sub-Saharan African using 7.9 gallons of water a day (2,892 gal/yr)...each soccer field could provide adequate water for the personal use needs of 446 people.

    Since that's directing all water to individuals and not any agricultural or industrial siphoning, the scale is probably limited.

    Hmm...well, I feel better having plumbed the physics piece partially. I can rest now. :)