14 July 2010

Funk Recovery Triggers

It occurred to me that we all have those funks in the day, those minutes (hours?) where the screen stares back at us and we just sort of zone out. These are those times when I have to remember my own recovery triggers, those little things that will zap me back into productivity.

In the AM, I reach for Brown Coffee. The process of brewing it in my little Hario V60 dripper is cathartic and active, a stimulant in itself and the antithesis of the passivity found in the electric drip brewer.

In the afternoon, the caffeine of choice comes in a blue and silver can (pictured). Red Bull alone, though, doesn't quite do it. So we turn to music, another of the legal drugs that we so love. And usually, something driving and hooky is just right. Something like Switchfoot.

Today, it was this song... Started just enjoying an angry guitar, then realized that the lyrics were actually saying something - I was meant to live for so much more, huh? OK!! I'll get back to work!!

What are your Funk Recovery Triggers?

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