18 June 2010

Time is Money? Being Versus Doing

As a College Pastor, I am frequently confronted with students worried about what it is they will do when they get out of school. I am constantly trying to change the conversation from what they will "do" to what they will "be", mainly because we have become obsessed with (and identified by) career. But should we be?

Let's admit that we live in America and no one is likely to go hungry after finishing college. So the question is not how are we going to earn money, but how will we live this life (a small portion of which involves making money).

And so we have to rearrange our thinking. We have to stop meeting people and asking them "what do you do" and start asking them "how's your life". I mean, really, it's a much more interesting question with a whole possible range of provocative answers. I get blank stares half of the time when I ask it as people have to mentally shift out of auto-pilot and engage in actual thought in order to answer the question. And, not surprisingly, every so often someone answers honestly.

"Not so good, man."

This is where life happens. This is where eternity or infinity or destiny gets established. Not in pay stubs or job fulfillment, but in relationships, both vertical and horizontal.

So let's agree together to stop worrying about what it is we have done, are doing, or will do. If He provides for the birds and lillies... Right?!?! It's going to work out just like it is supposed to...

And just in case you hear the phrase, "Time is money", feel free to correct that person.

Life is more than money. And time was never money. And, no matter, one day we'll all be Gone.

Love y'all.

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