29 June 2010

Of Modernism and the Simplicity of Profundity

One of my favorite aspects of modernism in architecture is the unstated upholding of the ideal that that beauty lies not in the flourishes of flair but in the simplicity of a space well-designed.

To the right is Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's Seagram Building in New York, in many ways the archetypal modernist building. It is a beacon of clarity, simplicity, functionality, and beauty. And the beauty comes from the preceding adjectives. It is in the clean lines and clear purpose that the structure stands so mightily.

I guess the point is that sometimes the simple reveals the profound.

Sometimes the gleam in a child's eye can reveal the most momentous of joys.

Sometimes the laughter between friends can rekindle hearts and memories alike.

Sometimes a simple song can open up the doors of heaven.

Sometimes a smile from across a room can change the declension of the day.

Sometimes a tear can be as hopeful as it is mournful, as much an indicator of a future as a remembrance of the past.

Sometimes less is more.


  1. I've had this song (Only You) playing in my car and at my computer on near-repeat for the past 3 days. Are you sure I didn't write these blogs? The final 30ish seconds of that song make it for me... "And It’s just you and me here now. Only you and me here now. You should see the view, when it’s only You."

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