01 June 2010

Coffee Conversations: Just Passing Through?

Over coffee this week, I had an interesting conversation about where we're all going. No, not in an eternity/heaven/hell type of way, but in the sense of intra-life destinations.

Like, how a young dude claims to be unprepared for marriage until he gets himself all fixed up in the unruly areas of bachelordom. In a larger sense, this is the idea that if we can somehow get ourselves all sorted out and stain-free, then we'll be ready for that next challenge or season.

And yet we all know the reality that it is in the journey when the junk gets sorted out. It is in the breakdown where the beauty becomes visible again.

So why go through life waiting to be acceptable enough or prepared enough or fixed-up enough or polished enough to actually engage in that life? Why not jump in and watch the way that the world was designed to refine us along the way? And why not be satisfied with the notion that we will pass away imperfect and incomplete in our own effort?

Are you an active participant in life? Or are you delusionally waiting for some perfect scenario to present itself, sitting on the sidelines all the while?

1 comment:

  1. If we do that which we believe to be God's will when we don't think we are quite ready, then it will force us to depend upon him to make up the difference. That is a good thing. When we're in a place where we feel that we have everything under control, it is far to easy to depend only upon ourselves.