17 June 2010

"All My Lies Are Only Wishes"

I was listening to a favorite album recently and happened across a lyric that really struck me...

"All my lies are only wishes."

It makes me pause.

Are all of our lies, both verbalized and lived-out, just wishes for something more?

Some of us, for example, are living a lie that we're content in a relationship. And even though that might be the furthest thing from a healthy relationship to be in, we're closing our eyes and living the lie - living the wish - that everything is all good.

Some of us are constantly engaging in little lies. Our parents think we're dating someone, our friends think we're busy/important, our lovers think we're rich, our co-workers think we're happy... Because we're telling little lies all the way around.

It is in the way we dress and in what we put on Facebook or Twitter. It is in the things we eat and the job we do. It is in the church we go to and the stuff we chase.

So where are the lies in your life? And what would happen if they weren't only wishes? What would happen if you were simply you?

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