13 February 2010

faith: of rubber chickens and internal emptiness

I am sure that faith is real.

I just don't always know if our faith is real.

I mean, we have so many culturally established ways of displaying faith that one wonders whether it remains faith at all. I wonder if our faith hasn't shifted from actual faith to cultural faith. Like, "If I am faithful to this culture, it will reward me with ease and comfort and acceptance."

So that's still faith, but not in some higher power or creative Source. That's faith in the collective swings and trends of humanity.

This Sunday night at Amplify, I'll start a series of services/sermons called Rubber Chicken Theology. I hope we'll find out whether we're living as followers of Christ or just looking like followers of Christ. Because, like a $4 rubber chicken, you can look the part and fool a few folks...but inside of us a very different story is being told.

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