21 January 2010

South Africa Update #7

The rains are falling in Johannesburg. And when the rain comes in Africa, it often comes in buckets.

Sure enough, the team had to put one ministry on hold due to the rain - they were to collect street children for a little mercy ministry project. The idea was to bring the street children to the church, feed them, give them a place to shower, and then send them on with new clothes and full bellies. That will wait for tomorrow, which will be here soon enough.

Instead of helping the children, the team again hit the prisons hard, ministering to juveniles who were awaiting trial. The response was great and the team is sleeping well tonight in anticipation of a HUGE day tomorrow that will start at 4:45am.

Tomorrow, the team will tackle two prisons (including a female prison). In addition to their work behind bars, they will be feeding and handing out soccer balls, ice pops, and jump ropes at the local squatter camp. If that weren't enough, they'll then be running a Youth service for 100 high school age kids at Mayfair Baptist. Somewhere in between all of that, they still aim to find and feed the street children.

Their reward? Time on Saturday to visit a lion park outside of Johannesburg.

Keep praying that they would finish well. They are headed into the last days of ministry and they will need all of the strength they can muster to finish strong.

And keep praying for Ryan, that he would transition into his role as a full-time missionary with grace and that God would steal away those hurdles to his being obedient and effective.


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