05 October 2009

"just a bit of handbags"

For those of you who thought my conversion to soccer fan over the last few years would produce nothing of value, think again.

In reading an article about a South African-born defender who was shown a red card during his EPL match with Fulham, I stumbled across the following statement:

The ref got it wrong…It’s not like they were maiming each other. It was just a bit of handbags.

That is my new favorite statement about anything: “It was a just a bit of handbags” – as in a couple of old British women hitting each other with their purses. Fantastic. Like a Monty Python skit on a soccer pitch.

I’ll try to use it as often as possible. In NBA/Spurs skirmishes, explaining familial disagreements, upstart civil wars, celebrity wars of words, crying children…

Enjoy these examples from conversations you will have:

- “Aw, how can the ref give them double-technicals there?!?! It was just a bit of handbags…”
- (Hanging up the phone) “What do you mean what is wrong with (insert two family member’s names here)? Nothing is wrong. It was just a bit of handbags.”
- “I heard about some blow-up in Congo this weekend, but it turned out that it was just a bit of handbags between them and the Burundians.”
- “Everyone at work was making a big deal of this Britney/LC thing. I’d never heard of it – apparently it is just a bit of handbags anyway.”
- “Why is Bella crying? Well, she and Phinley were each going for the swing and he sort of got there first – no big deal, it was just a bit of handbags.”

All can be summed up by “It was just a bit of handbags”.

Love it.

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