12 August 2009

insuspenders day and the impact you made

On July 4th, we again hosted our annual InSuspenders Day party. Friends came in droves - 50 folks in total this year, all stuffed into our 1100 sq ft house and our little backyard.

There were yuppie-west-siders everywhere, in addition to a beautiful collection of families, tattoo-sleeves, homeless guys, weirdos, dudes, and chicks. Basically, it was really hot and a little crowded and an unreal success. The hot dogs were scrumptious, the fireworks were awesome, and the picture of the Kingdom was tangible.

All of that was great. BUT THE BIG DEAL THIS YEAR WAS THAT...

...This year we asked our guests to consider offering some cash to the "least of these" instead of bringing food and drink (even though some still hooked us up with sweetness). We took care of the food and our dear friends dropped $608 in a glass jar that went directly to feed kids in South Africa. What's cooler is that Tiffani, our housemate/neighbor/tenant/sistah got to hand-deliver the check to Pastor Willie in South Africa and then feed the kiddos herself when she was over there in July.

You will see many of the kids in this video that Tiff made when she got back. I hope you enjoy getting to see your love making an impact in far away places.

I hope you also see how we can do incredible things together when we think of His people and consider His children. I cannot thank all of you enough for your generosity and life-giving sacrifice. Children will be eating off of that $608 for months. I am forever grateful. And I am so excited to do it all again next year. Enjoy.

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