22 July 2009

my bella and the journey into the presence of the father

My child continues to amaze me, to bring me to awe and wonder. The way that she looks at me and learns is stunning. An incredible gift from above, no doubt.

She has begun crawling recently, which is a new phenomenon and consists of using only her arms to pull herself forward until she collapses face first and then repeating the process over and over. (My Dad has resorted to calling it “the worm” as he watched her inch forward.)

On Monday night, I came in after work and kissed Stef and picked up my little Bella. We had a moment. You know, “a moment”. We like to have moments. Wouldn’t trade them for the world. Her eyes are hopeful and endless. It is joy.

Not long after our moment, I found myself in the kitchen doing some dishes and I called for Bella from two rooms away. We made eye contact and she began excitedly making her way towards me. Slowly, she flopped and pulled herself around the couch and onto the old wooden floor. She flopped and pulled herself through the legs of the chairs at the kitchen table, where she rested for a moment, laying her head on the floor in exhaustion. Eventually, I coaxed her all the way into the kitchen, where she proudly raised her little arms for me to pick her up. Almost relieved, she did in fact make it into my arms and we hugged and she smiled proudly, aware that she had traversed quite the distance to enter into my presence. All to see her Daddy. All to be close to her Father.

Neat picture for us…on the journey to God the Father…what will we do to reach His embrace?


  1. beautiful.

    -your proud wife

  2. I can just picture it. I love how you enjoy fatherhood.

  3. After seeing her do this at a break during Leadership Summit, I can totally get a visual. Love how you use the example.


  4. pretty fantastic.

  5. Very interstin Chana...u're trully blessed ne,i mean to hav a wife who really loves u n a cute daughter who can crawl miles jus to be in your presence and feel the warmth of your embrace...yet I think their blessed too to hav such a lovin and caring Husband and the father..Mzansi