11 May 2009

returning from blogging hell

Anytime I post 19 videos and 12 links over 4 days on the blog, you know that my writing tank is probably nearing empty.

Sure enough, such weeks happen.

I have to admit to being mad at myself for it all. I feel like I just preached a terrible sermon. I didn’t think it would be bad going in, I don’t really know how it tailed to out-of-control so quickly, I can’t take it back, and I am pretty sure that the pews will be empty next week.

I think I started last week with a definite urge to make known a little more about the situation in the Darfur region of Sudan. I planned on letting that marinate for awhile, only to find out that Amazon was revealing a new version of the Kindle mid-week.

So, I got over-excited and somehow allowed the week to become a train-wreck, such that the important things got lost in the shuffle and the unimportant things made you pretty sure that I had put the whole thing on auto-pilot.

I am not completely sure what we’re doing in this space over the next few days. I can only say that I am avoiding videos and links for awhile. Brood of vipers...

Here is what I do know: I know that we just got to do Mother’s Day for the first time as parents. I know that this week my cousin/brother-in-law turns 30 and my main man Willie Dengler turns 60. I know that Jesus and soccer and Sudan have grabbed my imagination. I know that Amish friendship bread is pretty wicked. And, maybe most importantly, I know that I am not going to Kansas this week.

Stay tuned.


  1. Not going to Kansas, that should be a plus. Right?

  2. definite plus. a tornado ripped off the roof of the hotel that i usually stay at. probably a good thing that i avoid that place for a few days. and when i do go again, just know that i will be requesting a room in the basement or boiler room. yikes.