08 May 2009

my friend greg

I have this friend named Greg. Pretty incredible guy, actually.

Greg has a story that is in some way like all of our stories. Broken and defeated by the things of this world, Greg found himself in a place where his only hope was in something bigger than himself. His only chance was that rescue was coming from a place beyond us all.

Greg found himself on the wrong side of an addiction. Just like you and I have found ourselves on the wrong side of so many things – relationships and addictions of our own…pride and lust…idolatry and destructive self-righteousness.

What makes Greg incredible is not that he pulled himself up by his bootstraps and made everything alright. What makes Greg incredible is not that he engineered some great recovery or repaired himself with perseverance and discipline.

No - what makes Greg incredible is that he allowed something bigger than himself to step in and make him whole again. And then he stepped away from the brokenness and claimed no credit, instead choosing to use his life to point back to the Source that saved him.

Today Greg plays music and tells his story, God’s story, pretty much wherever anyone will give him a microphone. I don’t have a microphone, but I do have a blog. I can only hope that I've even begun to do the story justice. He would smile, say something about God and glory, and then he'd get this distant look in his eye and he'd look away. That look always makes me believe that he is remembering the depths he was pulled from. He is reliving his rescue all over again. It's that look that means so much to me. It's that look that makes me love my friend Greg so much...

So I hope you’ll click on the video (in HD if you so choose) and see my friend in action. Check his website and, if you listen to any of his songs, listen to the song “Coming On Again”. An anthem of our shared hope and promise if there ever was one…

(If you are a subscriber and can't see the video, click here...)

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