03 April 2009

scanwiches, peeps, and dunkin donuts: links for your weekend

A couple of great, nonsensical links for your weekend, courtesy of my friend Steph. (Steph has a blog that you can check out here: http://steph-infection.blogspot.com/)

Ever thought of executing Peeps, the popular Easter marshmallow men? No? Me neither. Someone did, though and they’re sharing the experience with us. http://www.100waystokillapeep.blogspot.com/

When is the last time you cleaned out the fridge? If you are still thinking, then it’s been too long. Let the Periodic Table of Condiments that Go Bad help you decide what to keep and what to trash. http://www.backtable.org/~blade/fnord/condiments.html

Ever had a sandwich and wondered what it would look like if you smashed it on a scanner and uploaded that picture for the world to see? Enjoy. http://scanwiches.com/

And, my personal favorite… Think you have what it takes to design a new donut for Dunkin Donuts? Well, they’re willing to let you try. Click this link and design a donut. If you win, I want a cut of the prize money. https://www.dunkindonuts.com/donut/


  1. Scanwiches beats an idea I had for a website: Scandparents. Oh well, maybe someday...

  2. Aw, I feel so honored to have an entire blog dedicated to my silly web finds. Man, I feel like a goofball...in a good way!


  3. caleb - i have no idea what that means.

    steph - i am sure that there are a dozen others that i've forgotten. your gmail status is a gold mine.


  4. also - did anyone design a donut?

    i designed a donut like a bavarian creme (powdered sugar, creme-filled), only it had coffee-flavored creme inside. might be gross, but i just kept wanting to create a bavarian creme donut even though it already exists.

  5. The Peeps blog is so wild & funny yet slightly twisted.