07 April 2009

of dust, vapor, and the fullness within

Have you ever been on Google Earth or Google Maps and just started dragging out from that spot you're on?

Have you ever recognized the enormity of this place we inhabit? I mean...Stef and I "own" (meaning we owe the bank another 29 years of payments on) 0.18 acres of this planet. We own a skinny lot in an old neighborhood that is 2 miles from the core of the 7th largest city in America, which happens to not even register in the Top 150 largest cities in the world.

We are nothing. Vapor. Dust in the grand scheme.

And, dust as we are, we are filled with these swollen hearts that are designed for love and worship and justice and hope.

My child...is so incredibly precious to me. I cry at night as I feed her, as this bond between her and I becomes ever stronger. I hold her and desire incredible things for her. To Stef and me, she has become this consuming everything that our world now revolves around. And she is vapor. One of almost 7 BILLION people on this earth. Lucky enough to be born in a country where food is abundant and safety is so ubiquitous so as to be completely taken for granted. There are hundreds of millions who are not nearly as fortunate, hundreds of millions who wake up every morning with cramps in their empty stomachs.

We are nothing. And yet somehow we have been chosen to be filled with everything. Dust. Vapor. Vessels of God's infinite love.


  1. This is crazy - the fullness of Christ indwells these fluttering morsels of dusty vapor. The FULLNESS of GOD inhabits those of us who partake of the Resurrection, as heirs to a Kingdom coming to fruition. Sheesh.

  2. "Vessels of God's infinite love"

    I like it!

  3. Every time I read or lurk around your site, it gives me an opportunity to stop, think, pray, and ponder what you've said. God has definitely gifted you with wisdom beyond your years. Not trying to impress, just inform. Thanks for listening to Him and passing it on to others.