12 March 2009

your automatic list

Question: What bands* are on your “Automatic List”?

What is my Automatic List, you ask, and how do I know what bands are on it? When a band on your Automatic List releases a new album, you don’t ask questions or check reviews…you buy it. That is how you know.

In addition, there are rare occasions when a band makes it beyond Automatic status. These bands make up your “Super-Automatic List”. These are bands that you not only scoop up the new album right when it comes out, but if they happen to come anywhere near your city tour there is absolutely no question that you will be in attendance…

So, who makes your Automatic List? And who, if anyone, makes up your Super-Automatic List?

My lists are in the comments section. Share yours in a comment.

(*The term “bands” includes solo performers, a la Madonna or Kanye.)


  1. does that include neil diamond?

    no, but seriously, my automatic list would include: U2, David Crowder Band and Pearl Jam.

    I don't think i have a Super-Automatic List, because I know that all three of those bands have been in or near town in the past 5 years, and i know i did not see them (at least not every time)

    i also think there should be an additional list made: "Bands that should be Automatic, but you only actaully own a couple of their albums", or BTSBA,BYOAOACOTA, for short. I know that Radiohead would definately fall on that list.

    -Jeff Reininger

  2. My Super-Automatic List: U2, David Crowder Band

    My Automatic List: Kings of Leon, David Wilcox

    Honorable Mention: Kaiser Chiefs (rising) and Ben Folds (falling)

  3. Super-Automatic: U2, Coldplay
    Automatic: Kanye, Radiohead, Pearl Jam
    Former Automatic (bands that were super to you, but now have dipped below): DMB, NIN, Counting Crows
    Super-Duper-Automatic (meaning requesting backstage passes): Jonas Brothers, Mariah Carey, Cheetah Girls

  4. Super-automatic: State Radio, Strata, U2, Pearl Jam, Regina Spektor, Dave Matthews Band, Joe Satriani, Incubus, Jack Johnson, Pat Mcgee Band, Seven Mary Three, R.E.M., Green Day, Counting Crows, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Neil Young, +Live+, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Arcade Fire, The Racontuers, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, Chris Cornell, My Morning Jacket, Kings of Leon, Flobots, The Walkmen, Chevelle, Neko Case, Vampire Weekend, Drive By Truckers, Carbon Leaf, Band of Horses, Alanis Morrisette, Matchbox 20, Ben Harper...anything that's got more to say than it's got prove, me gusta la musica rock!

  5. @ RU Tingley -

    Pat McGee Band...really?

    i saw them when visiting a friend at Notre Dame some years ago. i was impressed by the live stuff and underwhelmed by the albums.

    this could be a new category - Semi-Automatic - bands that you would go see live but wouldn't necassarily spend money on the new album.


  6. As a matter of fact, definitely Pat McGee Band, but that's mostly because they are good friends of mine. I was in a band here in Virginia a few years ago and took guitar lessons from Brian Fechino and later thier drummer Chris Williams (RIP) and he helped produce 2 songs for one of our albums. I've seen them live maybe 20 times and always have a good time. By far "Save Me" is the killer studio album IMHO but some of the tracks of "Shine" are pretty wonderful too. I understand they are not everyone's cup o' noodles, but I truly love them both as fine folks and for their music.

  7. The only band that I would automaticly buy an album from currently has dis-banded: The Benjamin Gate

    If I caught wind of a reunion tour, I would definately be in attendance.

  8. Interesting. Shine on then, Rebecca. :)

  9. Jay is in the house. Why not just say the "J Geils Band"? :)

  10. Also, Jay - I like anything that was formed in South Africa so I don't dislike your fav...just think it would be way funnier to see that you liked the J Geils Band. Please like them. Please...?

  11. I knew you'd put U2 (yuck!) :-)

    Super-automatic: Spoon & Wilco
    Automatic: Kings of Leon, Beck & Rilo Kiley

  12. Steph - I forgot about Wilco... They almost crept onto the list after Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.


  13. Secular: Radiohead, U2, Coldplay , and John Mayer
    Christian: Hillsong United, David Crowder Band, Shawn Mcdonald, Jeremy Riddle


  14. Super-Automatic: Jon Foreman, Derek Webb, Appleseed Cast, Josh Ritter, David Bazan, Damien Jurado, Paper Route, U2, Avett Brothers, Pete Yorn, mewithoutYou, Death Cab for Cutie

    Automatic: Connor Oburst, Radiohead, Waterdeep, Ben Folds, John Mayer, Explosions in the Sky, Iron & Wine, Ryan Adams, M. Ward, Cee Lo Green, the Weepies

    Semi-Automatic: Better Than Ezra, Mike McClure, Micky and the Motorcars, Hayes Carl, John Prine, Martin Sexton

    To soon to say: Midlake, Andrew Bird, Bon Iver, Johnny Flynn, City and Colour, Band of Horses, She and Him, Greg Laswell

    Put off seeing for too long: Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, and so then all the bands I may never get to see

    R.I.P. Lauryn Hill's career

  15. Sorry, kind of a long list. Looking through the 12,000+ songs on my computer... Seriously...

    Oasis (yes, still around, still great), Radiohead, U2, Coldplay (who are playing San Antonio this summer; still think X&Y kind of sucks), Bob Dylan, Beck, The Walkmen, Doves, BRMC, The Verve (reunion!), The National (buy Boxer immediately)

    M. Ward (whoever else put him, you're awesome), Youth Group, Starflyer 59 (best Christian non-worship band. period.), The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Explosions In The Sky, Longwave, British Sea Power, The Black Keys, Rogue Wave, Sigur Ros, Kasabian, Jose Gonzalez, Kings Of Convenience, Interpol, The Stills, The Bees

    *What happened to these guys? Why are they starting to suck? Semi-Automatic?:
    Kings Of Leon (sell-outs), Ben Folds (you're right, Kyle), South, Augie March, Iron & Wine, Travis (meh last album; still one of the best live shows I've ever seen, though), Secret Machines

    *Great debuts, worth a mention but I guess not automatic yet:
    AA Bondy, Hacienda (a plug: it's my buddy's band), Fionn Regan, The Early Years, The Tallest Man On Earth, The War On Drugs, Delta Spirit, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver

    ...There's just too much music!