10 March 2009

the old wooden floor and the lessons contained within

Our house's old wooden floor seems to have a lot of stories to tell. It creaks under the weight of time, under the weight of every step.

The soft old wood gives more than one would expect at times. It certainly holds little in common (at least structurally) with newer wooden floors resting above concrete foundations.

Now that we are again in the months where the Texas weather allows for bear feet, I have started noticing that certain boards in our floor give more than others. Certain boards are softer and others much more rigid. Certain boards seem independent of the rest, even though they are obviously part of a larger whole.

Somehow, I have been reminded of the Church. We are a compilation of many parts, some much more worn than others and all with some version of a story to tell. And while some may seem independent, all are part of a larger whole, part of a body that gives the collected members meaning in the first place.

As a follower of the Way and a seeker of the Source, this has been comforting. This metaphor allows for deviations in perspective and alterations of the overarching themes. After all, would boards of the kitchen floor and boards of the living room floor not view the same party in very different ways? One may lament the traffic and the mess, while the other marvels at the creativity and the buzz.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there are many versions of the same story. And I am still trying to learn to respect and appreciate those who have witnessed it from a different vantage point than I have.

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