16 March 2009

hello, my name is - answers

You asked, we answer... For only four questions, this took quite a bit of thought...

Matt @ The Church of No People:
"If you were a store, a Target, a WalMart, Pier One, etc, which would you be?"

Matt: Me, I'd be a bookstore. Probably not a Barnes and Noble though.

Kyle: I would be Amazon.com. Gotcha, there.

Jeff @ Fuel the Fire:
"If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? I've got you pegged for pasta."

Jeff: Me, hamburger, no questions asked!

Kyle: South African Biryani, a South African take on an Indian curry dish of rice and spiced meat and veggies.

Nicole @ Blue Jeans Hostess and Influenced by Grace:
Question #1: What are your top 3 U2 songs--not including the new album?
Question #2: What is your favorite Texan dish to eat?

Nicole #1: 1)Where the Streets Have no Name 2) Pride (In the Name of Love) and 3) Mysterious Ways
Nicole #2: I don't think I've had any Texan food, so I need some ideas of what to make. :)

Kyle: In no particular order: Bullet the Blue Sky, Please, Miracle Drug

Kyle: Enchiladas Suizas

Jay @ More Than Enough:
If you had to pick three resturants and the rest of your life you could only eat food from these resturants (assume that logistics is not an issue), which three would you pick?

Jay: La ViƱa (Mexican), Fire Bowl Cafe (Stir fry), W.D. Deli (Sandwich shop)

Kyle: Carnivore (South African), Matt's at the Market (Seafood, Fresh Fare), Paesanos (Italian)

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