05 February 2009

practicing the presence

I am currently part of a 60/60 experiment. Based loosely on Brother Lawrence’s Practice of the Presence of God, this is a modern attempt (using John Burke’s book Soul Revolution) to find a constant connection with the Source.

The premise is simple. For 60 days, stop every 60 minutes and acknowledge God. Pray. Listen. Whatever. Just connect to the Source. The experiment is a way to cut through the busy, disparate lives we lead and just be still, even if it is only once an hour.

Already, I find my spirit being nourished in the experience. I find myself anxiously awaiting the timer to run to 0:00. I long to be in communion with the Source. I love it in the presence of the Creator.

Maybe you’re doing it too? How is it working out?

Maybe you’re interested in doing it yourself? Let me know.


  1. I don't. :)

    Strange though to need a timer to remind me what a blessing His presence is...