03 February 2009

live energy

My wife is amazing.

I am, embarrassingly, something of an energy drink connoisseur. I love the stupid things. I love NERD, the brain-arousing drink designed by UTSA students. I love NOS, the super-charged drink that has enough caffeine to kill a thoroughbred. I love ESSN, the all-organic pomegranate/limeflower drink.

Well, there is a new horse in the stable.

For my birthday, Stefani bought me a can of Live Energy (among other things). Live is a pretty typical energy drink flavored with Acai. What makes Live different is that 50% of the proceeds go to fighting HIV/AIDS. Energizing indeed...

Got any favorites of your own I should know about...?


  1. Dude, I still love RedBull. I know it is passe, but I still like it! Also, the new coffe/energy drinks aren't bad, but I am gonna try these new ones!

  2. I would argue that Nerd could be the best!!!
    I am currently drinking "Who's your Daddy?" energy drink. I came across this little guy in Big Lots, on the clearance rack for .30 cents each. After seeing the price, quick glance at the contents: caffine, taurine, vitamin B,... I was sold. Bought a whole case (30) of them. Not to bad, and until I find out they cause cancer, I will continue to be energized for .30 cents a pop! :)

  3. RedBull? Please man.

    I guess it depends on what you're after. I can usually breakdown the caffeine/dollar ratio pretty quickly in the convenience store.

    Taylor has us all beat with this discount stuff. Of course, when he looks at the ingredients and sees "melamine" as the main one, he may change his mind. :)


  4. I'm old-school. For me, it has to be Jolt (The drink of choice for nerds for decades). Not a huge fan of the cola flavor, or the low-carb one, but the rest are all at least decent tasting. My favorite is Jolt Blue (now named Jolt Blue Raspberry).

    It all comes down to this: I can buy a Jolt for $3, enjoy drinking it, and be aware all day, or I can drink a gallon of free soda throughout the day to keep me awake. My wallet and laziness says free soda; my growing stomach tells me Jolt...