16 February 2009


Business travel is interesting. Not that the travel itself is in any way exciting or fun. It is interesting in how much some folks like to actually do it. I am starting to sense that, for some people, business travel is this big esteem-booster. There is almost a tribal connection that people feel when they see other people waiting for a plane scrolling through their blackberry in business attire. Transcendence!!

I guess people feel important during business travel. I feel silly. First, I know that whatever I am doing could be done through a couple of emails and a conference call, yet the realities of business mandate that I shake some people’s hands, eat a few overpriced meals, and sleep by myself in an antiseptic hotel. Some people enjoy this experience. I would prefer my wife and child, but alas…

This week takes me to Kansas. Of all of the states, Kansas seems to be the one state that is dead-set on feuding with me. As a student of history, that should not surprise me.

Some of the reasons that Kansas and I are not friends:

- the band named Kansas was not great

- the last time I was in Kansas, I puked on a co-worker's lawn after a bad steak

- my wife does not live in Kansas

- the last time I was in Kansas, I missed three flights and nearly got stuck in the glorified hallway that is the Wichita airport

- my daughter does not live in Kansas

- Kansas started the Civil War

- the Holiday Inn Express in El Dorado, Kansas happens to be in El Dorado

- the band named Kansas was not great (this is worth mentioning twice)

Thought you should know.


  1. So what is the purpose and opportunity awaiting you in this hybrid of Ninevah-Samaria?

  2. Are you listening in Kansas? It's flat and free of fanciful amusements to distract, so you should be able to hear pretty well there!