05 November 2008


This day was long overdue.

Praise God...not for any political result, but for the acknowledgment of equality and the realization of the hopes of a people who have suffered for too long and are deserving of every moment of joy that stems from this historic season in our country. You have overcome. We have overcome.


  1. 1. People should not be judged by the color of their skin.
    2. You (and millions of others) are overjoyed by the election of Barrack Obama. Why?
    3. In large part because of the color of his skin.

    Just seems kinda' strange to me. Hope you don't take offense... it's just hard for me to understand the messianic undertones. I wish Obama well and will be praying that our leaders exercise their power with wisdom. Of course, in the end, all the politicians in the world can't solve the sin problem... Jesus is the only person who has ever offered Change I Can Believe In. Love you guys, and sorry if I stepped on your toes.


  2. his skin color has nothing to do with his potential to govern well.

    but we have to recognize as a nation that his skin color does mark a significant moment in american history.

    that is what i am overjoyed about. a new hope for a people who have a difficult history in our country, a history where people like me oppressed people like him.

    we also have a new level of accountability for everyone who says i can't. well, if the mixed race child of a wishy washy nominally christian mother and an absentee muslim father can do it, then what it holding anyone else back?

    my toes have been curled up for a long time about this now. no worries about stepping on them. and i don't know why the joy does indeed flow within me today. maybe it is my time in africa. maybe it is the glimmer in my african-american roomate's eyes. maybe it is the hope that has been inspired in millions. maybe it is the growing awareness of the father i am becoming - knowing a father's fullness of heart when he sees his child truly joyful. maybe our father cares nothing about politics, but delights in the joy of his children. i just don't know.

    jesus is still the only salvation we will know. and he is enough.

    and that is all we need in common. love you.

  3. Well said. I regretted writing the comment as soon as I hit "publish" - who am I to steal your joy? It's just that I know what it's like to feel hope through political change - to feel like it's really different this time... we're going to do what's right, deal with injustice, create opportunity and prosperity, fight the bad guys and we can finally fix all the problems around here (Needless to say, it didn't work out like I thought it would). I heard the exact same sentiments expressed in Grant Park last night.

    I admit that Obama's personal story does mark a "significant moment" and if people take inspiration from it and believe that race is irrelevant to potential, then that's a great result. I'm just distrustful of people who think "we can finally fix all the problems around here" - we are the problems around here.

    Jesus is still the only salvation we will know, and He is enough. Love you too.