19 November 2008

the end

I have decided to shut off the faucet so as to finally use the firehose. Or, perhaps more appropriately, I am damming the stream so as to create a deeper body to swim in.

From now on, you can reasonably refer to this blog as "that dammed post-karmic stream". Enjoy that. I certainly will.

Hamba kahle...


  1. awww...i understand, but i'm going to miss it. love you and i'm proud of you. - your wife

  2. alright. well, i've gotta ask, what's your firehose?

  3. So is this a permanent damming of ideas. Or will your brain pull a Katrina?

  4. dam the stream, allow the water to build into a reservoir, then draw from the now deeper body of water for a larger purpose.

    larger purpose = firehose

  5. Good Lord, I still have half a bag of those prawn chips someone left here. Maybe I'll keep them till I fly home and then mail them to you guys. They really are just the weirdest things. Speaking of, anything you guys miss I could bring back and send you for Christmas?