06 November 2008

book review: the truth about you by marcus buckingham

As has been mentioned in this space before, Marcus Buckingham is a gifted speaker and a charismatic presence. His books do not allow him that voice. Still, the content is stellar.

The Truth About You is a simple book. It is one of those "a-ha" books in that it opens you up to something you sort of already knew, but never had the words to describe.

Buckingham keeps this book short (115 pages) and sweet. It is broken up into easily digested parts:

1) Performance is always the point
2) Your strengths aren't what you're good at...
3) The "What" of your job is more important than the "why" and "who"
4) You'll never find the perfect job
5) You'll never turn your strengths into weaknesses

On some level, you know these things already. But how do you distinguish between "what you're good at" and "what your strengths are"?

How do you ask the right questions to know if a job is right for you?

If you'll never find the perfect job, how do you make the absolute best of the one you're in?

If you'll never turn your weaknesses into strengths, what in the world do you do with your weaknesses?

The book is valuable for two main reasons: It cuts the fluff, maintaining the brevity that makes it an easy read (I got it in the afternoon and finished it that night before bed). And it forces you, through actual interaction, to confront the aspects of your life that both strengthen and weaken you, leaving you no choice but to address them pro-actively.

With an open mind, anyone can benefit from Buckingham. Recommended.

Learn more here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mpd/permalink/m1MGOIYJ84CYF8

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  1. wow - I'll have to get my hands on a copy right away!