02 October 2008

the vp debate, dwight schrute, and pooh

I have to admit that I am excited to watch the VP debate tonight (and how I wish it were between Schrute and Pooh, but alas we live in reality).

I imagine that the candidates will likely be asked about the economy, foreign policy, and domestic hot-button issues (seriously, what are hot-button issues and how did they get such an asinine name?). I am ashamedly more excited to see if one candidate mentions his favorite television shows from the 1800s or if the other candidate goes into wordy explanations about her experience with “narrow maritime borders”. Let’s be honest here - especially with these two titans, it may just be the gaffes that make the night entertaining.

Anyway, as you may or may not know, I have suspended my blog in order to focus on getting a rescue plan passed for the American economy. Before I get back to work on that, I’ll share a joke that seems recently to be more reality than comedy.

A CEO is interviewing 3 candidates for the open CFO position at his major financial corporation.

The CEO, a bit of an outside-the-box thinker, asks each candidate only one question: "What is 2+2?"

The first candidate says “4”.

The second candidate says “4”.

The third candidate says: “What kind of number are we looking for here?”

The third candidate gets the job (and potentially his share of $700 Billion…)

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  1. I tried to call Pastor Willie last night but the phone rang and rang and then gave me that invalid number noise. Does he have an e-mail address?

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