24 October 2008

augie's barbed wire smokehouse - a review

(After a heavy blogging week, some lighter fare...well, not really lighter, but you get the point...)

My religious upbringing had a place for food in the worship experience, though the experience was, well, wafer-thin.

I have found a new place for including food in the worship experience. It is called Augie's Barbed-Wire Smokehouse and it is located near the San Antonio Zoo on N. St. Mary's Street, or what will now be called: "The greatest piece of culinary road on planet earth."

I first began admiring Augie's from afar when I learned that they served pulled pork, a great southern (as in Tennessee and North Carolina) BBQ favorite that we Texans have neglected due to our bizarre fascination with beef brisket. Don't get me wrong, I will put down brisket with anyone, but this pulled pork thing is ridiculous. I mean, it's like we Texans are a remote village that has rejected trying wine because we really enjoy our fermented beet juice. Well, the fermented beet juice may be nice and all - but the geniuses in the next village over have wine!!

Beet juice aside, I finally made my way to Augie's as I had some work-related business in the area for a few days. I was not disappointed. I had pulled pork on Monday (which comes in a HUGE portion) with buttered corn, mac and cheese, and some killer sweet tea. I went home and told Stef all about it. I considered creating a new Christian denomination devoted to Jesus and pork (dodging lightning bolt)... I almost got a pig tattooed on my lower back. The point? It was good.

On Tuesday, I had to go back. Again, I indulged in the most tender, wonderful meat I have ever had the privilege to enjoy. At one point, I literally looked upwards and thanked God for the simple pleasures in life as I ate my lunch. I teared up a bit at one point, although that may have had more to do with the book I was reading (Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters - sigh)...

So Wednesday rolled in and, guess what, I again stumbled into Augie's for BBQ'a holy grail - pulled pork. Again, culinary bliss.

Do I need to tell you where I went on Thursday? Yup. Augie's. Hey, the company offered to buy me lunch four days in a row - I took them up on it.

Am I overselling things here? Maybe. Do I think I could build it up so much that you would be disappointed? Not bloody likely.

I gotta say that I think Augie and I should be friends. Maybe neighbors. We could get an apartment together...

Augie's BBQ sauce has enough black pepper and smoky flavor to distinguish itself nicely from all of the dressed up ketchups that we so often find at BBQ joints. His sides are all good. His sweet tea is beautifully typical South Texas crack. And his willingness to make pulled pork everyday (only so much though - they do run out on occasion, so go early) makes him my favorite San Antonio restaurateur by a mile.

All of this to say: There are a few places in town that I will never turn down an invite to...a couple coffee shops and burger joints, a certain Italian restaurant, and now - Augie's Barbed Wire Smokehouse

Thanks to Dave at http://silvercreek78250.blogspot.com/ for the photos...

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