18 September 2008

the anti-theft lunch bag

Remember my story about how my lunch was getting stolen at work...?

Well, enjoy this solution with me. The anti-theft lunch bag has green splotches pre-printed on the bag to dissuade your co-workers from swiping your turkey sandwich. Gotta love fake mold. Absolutely ingenious.

(found at: http://www.skforlee.com/independent_work/lunch_bag.html)


  1. I don't have any problem with lunch thefts here at WV but this really is a brilliant product! Are you going to buy a few to protect your lunches?

  2. i got a neighbor who said he's gonna start making them....

  3. now all you have to worry about is someone trying to do you a favor by throwing it away! Oh what a double-edged sword fake mold can be! Human beings are so interesting, I'd bet God is having a good laugh about our fake-mold Ziplocs.