16 July 2008

the means, the end, and the justification of our lives

Build on yesterday’s blog post with me for a minute…

What if the end cannot be justified by the means and we spend our whole lives on the means anyway? Where, then, is the point of traction for our being? Where do we find purpose if we have no way of justifying, let alone elongating, our own existence?

The beauty of such a system is that I needn’t write, direct, or produce the play, the everyday, we find ourselves in (for though there is evil cast around us, it is Love that wrote the play). I must simply fulfill my role, however it has been designed. And I have to trust that no matter how well or how poorly I perform, the play will conclude as the writer intended it to – good will triumph over evil and redemption will have its way.

So if my means cannot change the end…what will I make of my means?

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