21 July 2008

crocs: wear a pair, share a pair

So, I bought some Crocs recently.

I had some in Africa and, besides looking a little ridiculous at times, they were the most versatile reliable shoe I had. I left them there with Jumapili Squattacamp (our Burundian friend) and figured my relationship with Crocs was over.

Well, wouldn't you know that the new homeowner would need some versatile, comfortable, and waterproof yard shoes?

So I went to buy some regular old Crocs and I found out some great news. If you're down with it, Crocs will sell you recycled Crocs and donate a pair to a shoeless Joe in an impoverished country. That's right - they call it SolesUnited. The crush up old Crocs, make them into brand new ones, and then pass the savings onto the 3rd world - in the form of some comfy (and goofy) looking shoes.

So, if you wear Crocs, maybe its time to recycle. Give them your old ones and buy some new ones - but make sure you request "SolesUnited" Crocs. Maybe you need some yard shoes, too.

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