25 July 2008

blogging baby burkholder: my little girl

I’ve taken in a few events in the recent weeks that were meant to entertain and delight, with varying results.

I saw Wall-E: Imaginative and thought-provoking, but lacking the whimsy that allows me to be a child in the theater without a care in the world. A nice escape, though.

I saw The Dark Knight: Foreboding and dense. I realized that Gotham reminds me a lot of Joburg. A good effort, if a little bit depressing.

I went to a Cubs-Astros game in Houston: Chili-Dogs and good company and the familiar Cubs victory made the day. A worthy trip through Americana, but still not completely satisfying.

Yet none of these little adventures could compare with the show on the monitor on the 2nd floor of just another medical office building on Tuesday.

It was in that office building that I met my little girl for the first time. She was only visible in the blues, blacks, and grays of a sonogram, but she was there all the same. Her little hummingbird heart beat at 143 beats per minute as she spun and whirled, allowing us to see every angle of her little body. We counted fingers and toes and just generally marveled at her. A little person entrusted to us…

As the sonogram revealed that she was indeed a “she”, my mind began to race with all of the beautiful things that await her. I couldn’t help but watch the little image and imagine her dancing in her first recital, chasing a soccer ball with the boys, and (gasp) walking down an aisle to meet some sonofagun that is going to have to split the atom while walking on water to be worthy of my spinning little blue, black, and gray princess.

There is nothing like real life. Movies and sports and all of our favorite distractions work because they are obtuse reflections of the beautiful realities and emotions of our lives.

So, as I said, I’ve taken in a few events in the recent weeks that were meant to entertain and delight. One, in particular, stole the show. I met my little girl. And my little girl is going to meet her Daddy in late December.


  1. Pretty darn exciting.

    Father Kyle. Interesting.

    Should prove to be an exciting journey, and chapter in your own life with God.

    I think we're delinquent in lunch dates at this point.

  2. i can't wait for my neice! she and mia are going to grow up to be great friends. and teammates of some kind i hope. ;)

  3. congrats!! how much fun you'll have with a little girl. she's got some great (and funny) parents. enjoy it all... our first just turned 2 and it seems like yesterday I was staring at the blue, black and gray sono!