24 July 2008

the blog going dark, the fullness around you, and darkness into light

After tomorrow's post, I'll be taking some time away from the blog.

I hope to spend a couple of weeks generally unplugged. I might check email every few days or watch The Office on hulu.com with Stef, but I am more excited to spend my little bit of extra time re-focusing on the beauty, joy, and fullness around me - and attempting to better share those things with Stef and her belly (Baby Burkholder to-be).

Maybe you want to unplug, too... The world will keep spinning whether I read the New York Times or not and it is going to rain at your house whether you check the radar or not. It is the slowest season in sports, politics aren't going anywhere for months, and your "friends" on Facebook will only think that you're more mysterious if you drop out of sight for awhile.

So, unplug with me if you want to. If you can't bring yourself to do it, I have 325 archived posts on the right side of the page just waiting to be re-read.

Darkness into light,


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