09 June 2008

life of pi: your summer reading assignment

Do you remember high school reading assignments? Every year your English (or Literature) teacher would give you the name of the book that you needed to read and have a report on by the first day of the next school year.

Usually, it was some laborious read, something that was the furthest thing from sun, sand, and the ocean. It was like all of the English teachers got together and decided to pick books that were the polar opposite of everything summer was supposed to be about, things like fun and sun and freedom and whimsy.

Well, I will be playing your English teacher this year. And I am going to ask you to read a book this summer. It, unlike the books I was forcefed in high school, is full of sun and ocean and imagination. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful, amazing, and altogether unforgettable pieces of fiction I have ever read...

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

So, grab a copy and head to the beach, the office breakroom, or the bathroom (you know who you are). Trust me on this one. Read this book and thank me later.


  1. I read that book in 2006 when a Chicago English teacher was pushing it under the guise of a propaganda against Christianity/Theism. It was a very interesting tale...like Castaway but with different undertones.

  2. This actually was my summer reading assignment! I'm finishing it now.