20 June 2008

leave it behind

Considering yesterday’s post about hanging onto the past and the value of sentimentality, the same words kept ringing in my brain. “You’ve got to leave it behind…” They came from a familiar voice from a familiar band, and a favorite song.

We have to leave it behind. Or at least be willing to.

When Stef and I moved to Africa, we didn’t know how long we would be gone. We sold our stuff and gave away our dog. Walking away from the dog was much harder than the couch. But we had to leave it behind. There were more important things awaiting us. There were more beautiful moments ahead, more rewarding relationships. And the hardest part of the whole thing was trusting in that truth and walking away from all that was comfortable. We ended up walking into all that was incredible. And we are forever changed.

Whatever it is…a building, a relationship, a resentment, a dream….maybe it's time to leave it behind.