18 June 2008

infectious everything

Everything is infectious.

Yes, diseases are infectious. But that isn't what we're thinking of today.

Ever worked at a company where no one liked their job? Whether that was your attitude when you started, it would have been before too long.

Ever been at a party where everyone is laughing? Whether you get the jokes or not, you smile.

Traffic police in Thailand (or Singapore or somewhere I can't remember) go through laugh practice in an effort to infect themselves with positivity before a very arduous shift.

It is a proven fact that seeing someone yawn, hearing someone yawn, or even reading the word yawn can make you yawn. Most of you yawned at some point in the last sentence. Its OK. Admit it. Yaaaaawn.

We've had the opportunity to spend some time with people we had never spent time with before. They are faithful, positive, hopeful, and generally enjoyable people. And Stef and I have found our own attitudes reflecting just a little bit more of those qualities recently. We've been infected.

Considering that, maybe we could all consciously seek to infect others with those things we value. Maybe we laugh a little easier, smile a little more, and grace when wrath seems logical. Maybe the world can be cured from all that ails it - if we would only make the effort to infect it.

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