25 June 2008

anyone out there shacking up?

I'm getting a lot of people telling me about "The Shack", a new book that some are calling "Christian fiction" and that many (many, many) people are apparently reading (and either vehemently telling me to read or avoid).

(Just so you know, if I were a writer I would hate people calling my book "Christian" fiction - it is just fiction, whether it has themes related to a religion or not...ugh.)

Anyway, there has been an enormous amount of discussion about it around and I don't really know what to think. I am busy proudly weeping my way through "The Road", so I haven't read "The Shack". Anyone who has read it care to fill me in? Is it heretical, harmless, incredible, or just simple fiction?


  1. I came across a thoughtful review of 'The Shack' by one of my companies trusted commentors.
    You can find his comments here.
    A Gentle Balance To The "Shack Attack" David Burchett
    While I have not read 'The Shack', I have read and reread, C.S. Lewis, Until We Have Faces ...many times over. Each time I read it, something else meaningful that I never expected appears on the page. A door is opened into a realm of discovery,(spiritual) that I didn't expect. God is omnipotent and needs no explanation by us of his abilities. Discovering God by degrees or landslides is the real joy of it all. It is important to consider, that if the author of The Shack is a godly man and who can say that he is not, then he is also human, with room for improvement. I may just have to buy this book and see for myself.

  2. Hi Kyle,
    I read it. Good fiction. Doesn't use scripture to back up what he is saying so finding anything tangible in our Bible is hard.

    I am not a great reviewer of books. I read them voraciously, but have never had the knack to pump out a great review on anything I have read. This is a good story, one I would pass along as a work of fiction, nothing more than a good book.

    Is God in a Shack? Um..I say our God is everywhere..wherever you choose to seek Him, there He will be.

    The author wants you to see God in his characters..I believe people in general can be the love of God but not God Himself.

    Here is a review I read before buying the book on Amazon.


    Very lengthy but intrigued me enough to plunk down money for it. You can find it gently used on Amazon, or you can borrow it from me.

    If you do read it, I would love to hear your thoughts.