23 May 2008

waking up with the cap'n and roof rip revisited

Well, being moved into our new house officially means one thing: breakfast is back in my life. And, more importantly, the Cap’N is back in my life.

Yup, Cap’N Crunch is back along with his signature “Roof Rip”. You know what I’m talking about. You pour the cereal in the bowl, add your milk, and dig in with your spoon, awaiting the sweetened oat and corn based bliss that is to come. And then, rrrrrrrip!!!!!!!!! Its like they put jagged metal pieces in there. By the time your done with your breakfast, you need 30 stitches and a reconstructive surgeon to repair the roof of your mouth. And it still doesn’t matter. Tomorrow will be another date with the Cap’N.

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