12 May 2008

shopping trolleys, soy milk, and the value of perspective

What is it that makes us so aware of the judgment surrounding us?

Am I the only one who occasionally looks down into my trolley at the grocery store and wonders what others must think?
"Soy milk? What a poser." Or maybe: "Who buys organic bananas and Hot Pockets? What a hypocrite."

Should I care what they think?

There is a freedom in not caring, but there is also a subconscious accountability in thinking of how something looks from another's perspective. As a follower of Christ, there is a particular value in such a perspective. We are invited not only to follow Christ and walk as he walked, but also to invite others along that incredible journey with our lives of love and grace. In considering what it is our lives are saying about what we claim to believe, we can better represent the one who left His legacy in our hands.

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