16 May 2008

our first home and how you might help

We're moving into our first house this weekend, not too far from downtown San Antonio. We've never had a house and we pretty much sold everything when we moved to Africa awhile back so, for the first time, I am going to use this blog for completely selfish reasons.

Let me say that I believe in the power of community and that, certainly, someone knows someone who maybe knows someone who might help us out.

We need a few things and we would love to help you get stuff out of your garage or storage unit. We'd even pay for some of these things, so tell us what you have and name a price. Email us at theburkholders@gmail.com or call me (Kyle) at 210-68-2878 if you can help. Thanks!!

We are looking for:

Deck Stain
Gas Stove
Electric Weed Eater/Edger
Gardening Equipment
Wall Paint
Yard Tools
Coffee Maker
And possibly a lawn mower....

We are hopeful that even one of our little needs may get met through you or someone you know. We are so blessed to have a place to call our own. And we can't wait to bring a little bit of light to our new street.


  1. hey buddy...you've got a washer and dryer at our casa just waiting to be delivered... we'll figure out a moving time and it's all yours (again)...pliers included!

  2. I've got a coffee maker I can throw in, nothing fancy, but it will at least make you some till you can get one like at Starbucks!

  3. How exciting! If this had happened a few months ago, I could have furnished your living room and kitchen. But I'm sure it will all come together. Congrats on the house!