07 May 2008

cold coffee and new habits

I like my coffee cold. There, I said it. No, not iced. Sweet Fancy Moses, please don't try to push that iced coffee from McDonalds on me. I'd rather drink anti-freeze. At least the experience would fall in line with expectations.

I am saying that I like my coffee cold...As in it once was hot and now its not. Seriously, invite me out for a cup of coffee. (Subtle hint.) Then watch me watch the coffee. Watch the steam slowly fade away. Then, watch me enjoy the cool, crisp, pungent nectar of energy. Mmm.

In addition to favoring my coffee cold (Grande Pike Place Roast, please), I prefer espresso drinks straight and hot (Doppio con Panna). I also prefer any drink containing milk to be iced (Iced Triple Tall Vanilla Soy Latte). That is what I like. It is also what you should like. It is.

The point of this...well, I neither have a point nor do I need one. You're reading this blog because you are a creature of habit and I could (and do) write about pretty much anything. That said, I wanted to talk a little about coffee before providing a clever segue into the NYT article on habits that I am referring you to today. Nice, ne?


New York Times:
Can You Become a Creature of New Habits?

Brain researchers have discovered that when we consciously develop new habits, we create parallel synaptic paths, and even entirely new brain cells, that can encourage a way to innovation.

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  1. 3 things...

    1. Thanks for the Tiffster Badu...maybe you noticed my recent hair tributes...

    2. Noticed The Road was on your Kindle screen...good one

    3. Read this blog to my mom today and she laughed for another 20 min