21 April 2008

the monkey and the zookeeper

The New York Times ran an eye-opening article this Sunday about the way that the government has been spinning the news, deploying their military loyalists as objective "experts" (who all happen to be balding white men) on television news programs.

Now, I don't quite know why this kind of thing ever surprises us. It is strange to me that we ever trust the source when it is anything other than the Source.

But, here we are, monkeys in the cage. And we are getting all of our information from the zookeeper.

One day we will wake up from this (un)reality.


  1. You mean Fox News isn't unbiased and objective?

    CNN must be then, right?

    ABC? NBC? Isn't anybody unbiased and objective?

    You just crushed my world.

  2. At least we have the world of Blogs to provide unbiased and objective perspective on the world affairs.

  3. it's funny really.

    we all want to believe things so badly.

    the question for me isn't so much why we believe the news as it is why we worship the flag, salute it, and pledge allegiance to it when it stands for things that we, as followers of Christ, plainly decry - or should if we buy into the gospels.