18 March 2008


I recently experienced ridiculous generosity.

I was given a $1000+ guitar. For absolutely no reason, other than the giver wanted to give it away.

And the giver has his reasons, which are respectable to say the least. But what am I to do? I have a guitar, although it is in the Bronx which makes it difficult to play in Texas. I have toyed with ways to redistribute this newfound wealth. I thought of selling the guitar and plowing the money into micro-loans to help the world's poor. I decided that my friend will instead get my guitar whenever it gets back from its NYC holiday and I will retain his as a reminder of ridiculous giving. After all, it now has a meaning to me that is worth more than its mere frets and strings could add up to. It is evidence of beauty. In him. And potentially in me.

I think we could all use a reminder of how beautiful ridiculousness can be. Ridiculous love is indescribable. Ridiculous hope flies in the face of all that cynicism can come up with. Ridiculous grace can restore anyone in any situation. Ridiculous peace can calm the greatest storm.

I was a victim of ridiculous generosity. Hopefully, I will be the next purveyor of ridiculousness - in whatever form it takes.

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