22 March 2008

low-calorie sweeteners actually make you fat?

Occasionally, I run across a tidbit of information that I cannot help but share with everyone I meet. Every conversational road leads back to that juicy, educational tidbit. I realized this morning that I had such a morsel. As such, I will now share it with you (whether you like it or not).

Do Low-Calorie Sweeteners Make People Fat?

The above link is to an article that highlights a study that seems to show a link between obesity and artificial sweeteners. Ironic, huh?


  1. Another little tidbit of info. I was a sales engineer in another lifetime. I was proposing an engineering solution to a Nutrasweet manufacturer. It was a sweet deal. :)

    Anyway, my contact at Nutrasweet said the actual component of sweetness in a packet is about the size of a pin head. The rest of the stuff in the packet is just filler.

    Makes me wonder about life. How much is just filler?

  2. Key phrase: "Unlike rats, most people are rational." I like the subtle jab of the word "most."

    I concede the very interesting insight proposed that a diminished mental association with caloric value of something sweet inclining you to eat greater quantities of actual high cal stuff. That is fascinating. Again, if you insert ration back into it - even if your brain doesn't feel like 1/2 a chocolate cake is very much because it's been desensitized by years of pseudo-sweetener consumption, there's still some part of my brain that goes, "Whoa, 1/2 a cake big boy? Are you really going to run 5 miles on the treadmill tonight to erase that?"

    I stand committed to the position of drinking diet sodas while maintaining a quasi-rational filter for other consumables to offset what I now know to be a neurological impairment around assessed calorie values.