26 February 2008

the little things: of toothaches and achilles' heel

Have you ever noticed how it is always the little things that really nail you?

The other day, my lovely Stefani got this look on her face she seldom gets. Something was wrong.

I didn’t get to ask too many probing questions before she alerted me to the problem specifically – a severe toothache. Oh. Ow. You know those bad toothaches, where cool air and liquid and breathing are all excruciatingly painful? One of those...

And it struck me just how vulnerable we are. It occurred to me just how every little facet of our being is in fact paramount to the existence of that being in the first place.

Little things...

Consider Achilles, among the greatest heroes of Greek mythology. He was the most handsome and quickest of all of the Greeks assembled to battle Troy. He was physically invulnerable on all of his body except for his heel. The legends state that he was killed in battle by an arrow – to the heel.

Oh. Ow. The little things...



  1. strength tatooed on my heal... someday! we are vulnerable, indeed!

  2. We all have our Achilles...don't we? Whether it is our heel, our heart or our soul, we all have our spot that is totally vunerable. Thankfully God has me covered!

    Thanks for blogging again. I was going through severe withdrawls. Can't wait to see you two and squeeze you!

    Love - Shannon :)

  3. check out the package on this guy.... beautiful