22 January 2008

the fog becomes much more personal

Our last post told you about our early Saturday in the fog.

Funny how things happen in the timing that they do…

After a long nap Saturday afternoon, we awoke to even more fog, this time surrounding an area of our future that we thought was gaining clarity. Somehow, through a myriad of circumstances we don’t fully understand, we found ourselves in a deep place of uncertainty.

Our news surprised us. It humbled us. And it forced us to return to faith and trust in things unseen and in a future that is again unknown.

And, to be honest, we struggle to find the beauty in the soupy gray before our eyes. It is easier to use about such hypotheticals, but much different to embody those musings when life takes a twist.

We can only pray that the setback might grow us and challenge us to have more faith in what lies before us (whatever it is).


  1. I love you guys! your faith and sense for understanding astounds me! Thanks for being you!!!

  2. one more comment. i'm sitting here looking out my 6th floor office window, and i can barely see a thing. visibilty is down to a couple hundred feet. i HEAVY fog has covered the area. thanks to you and your words, i'll never look at the fog the same way again...and that makes me smile!

  3. Kyle,
    Be encouraged! Your words are perfect, your heart is right. There are times God forces us to look at Him and sort of wonder why. I am baffled that things are working the way they are but that is why He is up there and I'm not. I would screw it all up. I'm praying for you more than you know. Keep being Jesus. I love you.

  4. i love you two very much! i will continue to pray..

  5. Kyle and Stef,
    Funny how God has taken you through an interesting path of journaling. From the schizophrenia of David to an eloquent expose about fog and faith to a deeper walk, a taller jump, a higher cliff. Be encouraged. God sees you. He knows you and He has a perfect plan for your lives. He will illuminate each step as you have need to see. His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. Take a peek at Isaiah 55 - it is always encouraging to me.
    Love you and am praying for you.